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The slashpoint project is up and running!

Contributed by on May 21, 2002 - 09:40 AM

After the article was posted, a team of seven people has got together and is now in the middle of creating this new site called “slashpoint”. It's a community based "anything tech, culture, society, and science" with a clear dedication to open source technology but almost any aspect will be covered.

The site is a mix of people-to-people journalism and news reporting. It's based on "slashpoints", - a system from (but hacked to our use) where users are getting points for various activities. We are hoping to develop a real ratings system where users are rated based on moderation and activity. A bit like the karma system used on Slashdot. So basically we hope to be a combination of and Slashdot with a twist,- and free from economic interests… and based on PostNuke. It’s a big goal but we believe in this project.

The site is still in the development phase. We're listed on Sourceforge and intend to use this platform to share experiences with the PostNuke community as we go along. As we have only just begun we are still missing some documentation on what we are doing, but we have already come a long way. Our beta-site is running well with some hacked code. Our documentation is going along fine but we still need people that will help developing some modules and be zone editors on their favorite topics. Our system is based on the use of editors and of course users submitting content.

It's our intention to make this site an alternative to existing major sites. We hope to get financial support from sponsors though banners are no-go for now. We are focused on making this site a killer site.

If you have any questions or want to take part of this project please mail me at