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tortoiseCVS 0-52exe released

Contributed by on May 22, 2002 - 01:20 AM

Here the <a href=""target="_blank">TortoiseCVS-Download!

In less than 20 minutes , you can get a Postnuke-CVS-cut of the latest <a href=""target="_blank">developement-version of PostNuke, or the newest of any PN-<a href=""target="_blank">Modules. For a detailed How-To, please see <a href=""target="_blank"> this good tutorial: A anonymous-checkout on SourceForge needs only 20 minutes and is described in short below!

With the following entries you can get a anonymous-checkout from the CVS-SERVER:

[ cause the above mentioned tutorial disappeared, i wrote a short How-To]

  • Protocol: Internet (pserver [ passwortserver])

  • Server:

  • Repository directory: /cvsroot/post-nuke

  • User name: anonymous

  • Module: postnuke_official

    here some examples for the entry into the rootpath: <a href=""target="_blank">TortoiseCVS-Dialogmenü

    enter for ROOTPATH:




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