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Will PostNuke Ever Go Deep?

Contributed by on May 25, 2002 - 10:33 AM

In other words, the others guys simply do not have the -bells & whistles-. No multiple photo album apps to choose from. No calendars, no shopping carts, no RSS feeds, etc.

But some of them do have something I don't see on PostNuke. What I would love to see in PostNuke is -depth-. PostNuke is very horizontal, or flat. The ability to drill down through a tree of pages from -general- to -specific-, I believe, would make PostNuke the present day -Killer App-. For some implementations, having depth is intuitive and being flat really feels like a kludge to the user.

For example, I have a portal site for the Bay Area, . The Northern California, San Francisco Bay Area is huge. No, not as big as Sao Paolo, but big enough that a flat model is, well, awkward.

For example, imagine you want to be able to create different community interest pages, and in one community (South Bay) there is a Boy Scout Troop in Morgan Hill that is having a bake sale as a fund raiser. In another community (East Bay), maybe in Livermore, the local Girls Scouts have a horseback and wine-tasting contest. It would be fantastic if the user were able to drill down in a type hierarchy.

While I am not sure I would want to go that deep, it illustrates the concept. This seems like the kind of architectural enhancement that would round out PostNuke very nicely and open it up to a host of new uses. Of course doing this would also require dynamic menuing that would update as you go down or up the tree with the Home Page always available, and the immediate parent page, along with all of the child pages, available at any given time.

So, I am wondering what you think. Has this ever crossed your mind? If not, now that you have read it is it a "Eureka!--of course!" moment or a big yawn?

Thanks in advance for sharing your opinion.