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Development on pnCommunity to begin ...

Contributed by on Jun 05, 2002 - 03:15 AM


pnCommunity is a "super-module" or suite of integrated modules aimed at strengthening communication and project management across the entire Postnuke Community - developers and end-users alike. On many levels, pnCommunity should serve as a replacement to built around the core Postnuke product. While initially built to serve the Postnuke community, pnCommunity will also be an aggressive first step towards a corporate "killer app" which can further strengthen Postnuke's growing foothold on corporate Intranets.

Many of the components listed below exist either as current PN or PHPNuke modules or as other open-source projects. To build pnCommunity, we need to bring the best elements of each of these apps together under a common, tightly integrated platform which further dovetails cleanly into the pnCore.

Preliminary Components:

01. pnCVS

Building on Jan Schrage's work, this will tie CVS release management to project milestones.

02. pnFunctions

A dynamic function library for developers ... similar to the function library found at PHP.NET bur dedicated to PN functions.

03. pnProject

In many ways the spine of pnCommunity, pnProject provides project management tools like task tracking and resource assignment.

04. pnFeedback

Tied closely to pnProject and potentially many core modules, pnFeedback will provide robust tools for generating, tracking and acting on bug reports, feature requests and documentation requests.

05. pnForums

Built on the forthcoming Comments API, pnForums will eventually replace current support and development forums. Tight integration will allow moderators to generate bug reports, feature requests and other key information from forum posts. Conversely, other elements of pnCommunity will auto-generate topics/posts with in pnForums.

06. pnKnowledge

Fed by pnFeedback and pnForums, this tool should help expand and flesh out online Postnuke documentation.

07. pnDevelopers

Developer-specific member list and user details. Think of it as a developer resume which can be used by project leaders. Allows users and devs to rate developers much like the Developer Profile on

08. pnPortfolio

The next generation YAPNS. Creates a gallery of categorized Postnuke sites. Provides an announcement tools for new or updated PN-based sites.

09. pnLibrary

A tool for posting and announcing new Themes, Modules and Blocks. Submission to pnLibrary will automatically post a News article in the appropriate PN subdomain and potentially generate a topic in pnForums for discussion of the new release.

10. pnJobBoards

A place for developers to announce their availability and for end-users to post Postnuke related projects/jobs. Think, but Postnuke-specific and tied into pnDevelopers.

11. pnRatings

Built on the Ratings API, pnRatings will allow user rating of the various elements of pnCommunity.

12. pnPrinter

Online resources (particularly documentation) will be made readily available in a printer-friendly format.

To review the first draft of the pnCommunity vision document in it's entirety, please visit <a href="" target=blank> Dev Forums.

As a final note, this will be no small project. The pnCommunity team always welcomes folks from all corners of the Postnuke community to join our ranks. If you are interested lending your talents to this project, please email Doug Daulton (

Thanks to the pnCommunity Team and additional project sponsors Gregor J. Rothfuss (Gregor) and Steve MacGregor (Grape).


Doug Daulton (Apakuni) - Project Manager

Curtis Hays (stratagem) - Team Lead, Website Services