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Partnership with OSI Codes ended.

Contributed by on Jun 06, 2002 - 10:05 PM

We encourage you to switch to the free service ClickChatSold as an interim solution, available through

Clickchatsold has similar features as the PHPLive! software and comes with a stable program that sits in the tray of your computer so that you won't have to login to a webpage all the time. ClickChatSold is currently available for free, the authors indicated that they have no plans to change their current policy in the near future.

We are now working on a true Open Source alternative, unfortunately we can't give you an exact timetable on when our product will be available, yet.

The partnership with OSI Codes Inc. has ended, because of the following reasons:

1. The PHPLive! software was very server intensive. For example, an IBM X Series server with a CPU of 1.2GHz and 1GB memory could not manage to handle more than 20 concurrent users at once over more than half an hour.

OSI Codes Inc. failed to improve the quality of the software in a timely manner.

2. Due to the high server load generated by PHPLive! we already cut out a lot of the functionality, such as live monitoring, tracking, or online and offline status of operators. A lot of you were interested in buying the sourcecode so that they could use the full potential of the software. So we negotiated with OSI Codes about reselling their software for PostNuke customers at a special discount so that those of you who have their own servers could use it on dedicated servers. However, we were not willing to give out your personal details in exchange as part of the deal, as requested by OSI Codes. So the negotiations failed.

We are sorry about any inconvenience this might cause.

Customers of HostNuke who think of buying PHPLive! - be aware: PHPLive! usage is not allowed on hostnuke servers.

Finally, let us provide you with some links to alternative free solutions:

  • <a href=>ClickChatSold

  • <a href=>HotScripts

Check out all of the hotscripts pages - there are some promising free solutions out there.

We have worked hard the last few months and visited thousands of PostNuke websites, as it turns out now, all of that work was good for nothing. However, we have seen a lot of creativity and enthusiasm of people using PostNuke. There are a lot of nice PostNuke sites out there. Keep up the great work and please stay part of this great community.