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Digital Development Foundation Launched

Contributed by on Jun 07, 2002 - 06:57 AM

Much like the GNOME project several years ago, PostNuke is growing up. PostNuke will not be able to broaden its horizons beyond the limits of a “hobbyist” existence without the creation of some central entity that can provide a formal structure allowing the Project to avail itself of the benefits that other established, long-term projects enjoy. With the assistance of the Digital Development Foundation the goals of PostNuke will be furthered by the provision of formal long-term structure and stability. Such organization will benefit the community by eliminating many of the practical limitations existing within traditional conceptions of open source development.

The leadership of the Digital Development Foundation is similar to that of any not-for-profit corporation registered in the State of New York. The charter is nearly identical to some of the most respected organizations within the open source community. These include The Apache Software Foundation ( and the creators of the GNU Project, the Free Software Foundation (

The Digital Development Foundation does not exist to manage the PostNuke project. The foundation will only provide the project with resources to satisfy legal necessities, marketing, publicity and open source advocacy. The result of this is essential: The project continues on its present course without interruption while protecting and serving the community that fostered its growth.

The Digital Development Foundation was conceptualized in early February of 2002 by Michael Wechsler, Steve MacGregor, Gregor J. Rothfuss, John Cox and Greg Allan. For more information on the Digital Development Foundation, please visit their web site at or email