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PostNuke: Bridging Distance, Culture, & Time: Thanks for the great Team!

Contributed by on Jun 09, 2002 - 03:00 AM

They provide each other with IDEAS, inspirations,

support and new moudules and themes! Nuke-communities are known in many many languages

and countries! They work in global, regional, or national teams!

Nukers communicate and cooperate across cultures, and to hurdle multiple time zones and they have a good goal; The developement of the Nuke-content-management system!

Nukers from all over the world build a trust among team members scattered from Montreal to Tokio

from Oslo to Messina (Sicilia) ...who have never met and are never likely to?

<a href=""target="_blank">Here and on other Nuke-Sites, Nukers communicate and share knowledge due to their self-interest on the specific topic; Nuke-Developement!

The global group manages a great thing! The developement never stops! Alltogehter there is a great amount of working hours?

Many thanks to all of you here keep up the great work! You give me inspirations every day!

Keep up the great work here in this place!!