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Call for Showcases

Contributed by on Jun 11, 2002 - 11:49 PM

The description of my talk reads:

There is a place for special purpose application servers alongside the more general-purpose application servers. While traditional application servers focus on transaction support and other advanced concepts, specialized application servers focus on quick development as well as allowing less technically inclined people the ability to easily develop websites.

PostNuke is such a software, having grown from a Content Management System written in PHP to an environment to write web applications in a community that is rapidly growing in popularity.

Core Architecture

What core architecture choices were made to balance power with ease of use for both developers and end users? What lessons were drawn from projects that focused only on technical excellence, and neglected the needs of entry-level programmers?

Usage scenarios

We look at usage scenarios from education, content management and community building from the perspective of a non-programmer, focusing on doing more in less time as well as full scale commercial usage potential.

A look into the crystal ball

Where is this software category going? What trends influence its future?

If you happen to have inputs for any of these topics, or want to share a PostNuke success story, please post here or contact me directly.

The slides will of course be made available both on this site and on the Oreilly site for your reading pleasure, or as marketing materials for you or your customers.