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Government site - need help with subdirs.

Contributed by on Jun 28, 2002 - 10:47 AM

We're using blank.php to create a number of HTML pages into PN format... works great, with one exception. It requires the page created to be in the root directory. I've tried everything I can think of to make it more directory friendly, but it's not working right.

Here is a link to the page in question:

I want to be able to toss each "resolution" into a seperate directory, but I can't figure out how to code the "Blank.php" template to conform and recognize seperate directories.

The code in the blank.php form is:


include 'includes/pnAPI.php';


include 'includes/legacy.php';

// eugenio themeover 20020413

// pnThemeLoad();

# includes the mainfile functions and the header junk

if (!isset($mainfile)) { include("mainfile.php"); }



it's currently installed in a /httpdocs/nuke directory ...

but if I want to store the "resolutions" in a directory like:


I feel like I'm brain dead.

how would I modify the above code? Your support would be GREATLY appreciated, and probably save my job :)

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