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Development Report

Contributed by on Jun 29, 2002 - 10:02 PM

The Rogue Report

We will be releasing at least one more package under the Rogue name. I hope to release .715 (or .72) either next weekend or the weekend after (if you are a betting type person go with the latter). I imagine that there will be a few DB changes, so the version number may escalate to .72. The database changes will be for bug fixes only.

I also hope to have a couple of new modules that have been ported to the API with the next release as well. We do have the Top Lists module ready to go, and I believe that the Ephemerids are ready as well.

The delay in the release is caused from our recent move to the new CVS, as well as the passing of Greg. However, I will be pushing for a release of the maintenance branch as soon as it is ready.

The adam_baum Report

We have decided to rename the .8 series from Ragnarok to adam_baum for obvious reasons. .8 is shaping up to be a very nice and revolutionary release. Many features have already been developed and tested and are ready to go. I am shooting for an August Feature Freeze with an early September release.

We have a ton of work to do in the meantime though. We desperately need people to volunteer to help with the module conversions to the API. As always, if you want your 5 minutes to 1 year of PostNuke fame and glory, we will welcome you into the fun.

Below is a very brief overview of what is in the pan this month for .8. This is meant as a tease, but we invite you to check out the CVS and see the changes for yourself. There are some omissions from the report (namely pnComments, some hooks that have been developed, and the pnExceptions), but it should give you a very nice detail as to what is being worked on.

The following is the adam_baum .8 report from Gregor:


Mike and Marco have started work on caching PostNuke data with a new set of functions, pnVar*Cached. Mike has written an excellent performance white paper


TODO: Describe it in MDG, use it throughout core, database indexes


Mike has begun to take a hard look at the sessions code, trying to isolate workarounds, and make the code saner. Depending on the decision about PHP minimum requirements

this code might be simplified further.

TODO: Fix all session bugs :)

Block layout

The basic block layout system is nearing completion. Modules can register their own tags.

TODO: MDG section for block layout, samples, resolve ML issues

Dynamic User Data

Dynamic User Data is incomplete, however Christopher Grote agreed to take a look at it and make it feature complete.

TODO: Implement required fields, code cleanup

Users module

The users module is currently un-maintained. We are looking for interested parties to take over the module.

TODO: Integrate registration workflow from x-users, templates, dynamic user data

Multilanguage System

The API functions for the new ML systems are complete. Work continues on a translation module.

TODO: upgrade path, translation module, implement storage backend


With Block layout in place, work on the Installer can begin in earnest. Zoom and Neo are building a nice remote installer which we will try to integrate with the core installer. The

aim is to leverage as much infrastructure as early as possible in the installation. This means loading of the API etc.

TODO: Design Installer architecture.

Database abstraction

Gary is working on table creation / modification support, the remaining omission from ADODB. Jeremy has MSSQL working, and Johnny is working on Postgres support.

TODO: merge MSSQL / Postgres work with core