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Commercial Based Software Policy -- Revisited

Contributed by on Jul 02, 2002 - 02:40 AM

The policy was not intended (at least in the way I read it) to broach anyones efforts for commercial applications, and plug-ins for PostNuke. What was wanted was to separate from overt commercial advertisements hidden within news announcements, and to limit our involvement of support for those products. Support being in the form of IRC and Forum support. Unfortunately, the end result seemed to do just the opposite.

In an attempt to rectify this we have come up with a very simple and logical policy towards commercial software.

    1) If you produce a module with the intent to sell either the module (block, theme) itself, service, or installation of the module, we will publish that news as well as give it the same consideration that any free module will have in the future. We ask though, that you clearly label your announcement that it is a commercial module, as well as the price and conditions when listing it on the website.

    2) PostNuke staff will not offer free support (I.E... IRC Support, Web Based Forums Support, etc) for your module (block, theme). We will host your support chat room if you like, but we will not man the chat due to our limited resources.

    3) Hosting specials and announcements on will continue to be published, but not to the main news page. The hosting type announcements will be relegated to the "Hosting" category for off index viewing due to the volume of submissions.

    4) We encourage all questions, development and brainstorming for commercial and non-commercial modules to run across our modslist mailing list. Subscription instructions can be found on the main page.

    5) We will not publish overt advertisements for non-PostNuke related items to any of the's pages. This does not mean that a commercial module, service, installation announcements will not make it to the news page. This is left to the moderator's discretion. As always, contact me if you feel your announcement has been unjustly reviewed.

    6) We are working to have yellow pages for PostNuke developers / consultants / service providers in the future. Give us some time on that one though :)

I believe that this is a pretty simple and straight forward guideline. As always, please address any oversights either on this article, or in an email to me.