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Wanted: PostNukers Who Want to Change the World Forever! That's all.

Contributed by on Jul 07, 2002 - 04:46 AM

So, here's the deal.

  • Come to <a href=""target=new>The BayBridge , the site that brings the San Francisco Bay Area together and look at the front page.
  • On the left you will see a tote board, complete with total dollars and who gave. There is also a real-time countown clock, counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until Roxanne sets out on her almost 100km walk!
  • On the right is a thank you box with a special surprise for you AFTER you have made a pledge.
  • Now, most importantly. Click the blue AVON icon and you will be taken to AVON's official donation page. Using Roxanne's event number and participant number, makei a pledge!
  • As soon as we get word from the pledge director that you made a pledge, you name goes on the tote board! (send NewsGuy a note if you would like to remain anonymous)
  • Now, go into the download section and get the code for the entire left block, including the countdown timer! As a Bonus, I wil also put in the right block--complete with the "surprise"!
  • Pat yourself on the back for being so cool.
  • Try out my interactive crossword puzzle on the site.
  • Hang around. If you have some interesting news to post, post it!
  • Come back often and visit!

    Guys and Gals. This is a big deal. We really need your help. Please, do it for someone's Mom, Wife, Girldfriend, Daighter, Dad... yes, I said "Dad". Guys can get Breast Cancer too.

    Thanks for helping me show Roxanne just how cool us PostNukers are. You folks make me proud!

    John (NewsGuy)

    <a href=""target=new>The BayBridge

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