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Rogue 714 files for spanish

Contributed by on Jul 14, 2002 - 12:33 PM

The language has been selected to be as neutral as possible, so you won't find andy country-specific words -none that I'm aware of, anyway. It may contain some Latin America-favoured words, but that's a reflex oy my being one. Spain users may elect to change some terms but I'd say you'll be hard pressed to find them.

I missed the Downloads module, which I'll upload next week (it's a wordy module).

To install

This file contains ONLY the spa subdirectories. You can just go to your root rogue dir and do a

tar -zxf pn714_esp.tar.gz.

Link to the tar.gz:

  • pn714_esp.tar.gz, 85 kb.

    (the host site, bcrux, is now not-fully-upgraded, so it does not show a thing...)

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