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WAMP-system news: FoxSERV Public 3 BETA 3 released

Contributed by on Jul 16, 2002 - 01:05 AM

FoxServ 3.0 (Final) will come with <a href=""target="_blank">apache 2.0 and the newest PHP-release.

The <a href=""target="_blank">FoxSERV-crew will also release a retail-version, with a debugging-server and a integrated PHP+Python+Perl+HTML-editor (approx. 40 US $):

1. Debugging Server for PHP+Perl+Python-Developement;

2. FoxEdit IDE environment;

3. FoxRun MySQL (enhanced MySQL server);

4. enhanced installer.

By the way: If you need a new free editor, check back <a href=""target="_blank"> for the latest version: build up your WAMPE-system in only ten minutes.