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three methods to checkout the latest code from the new pn-CVS-SERVER

Contributed by on Jul 18, 2002 - 07:15 PM

1. Checkout with <a href=""target="_blank">TortoiseCVS:

TortoiseCVS, a Win-Explorer-plugin, works with Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP, is very similar to <a href=""target="_blank">winCVS: Here the <a href=""target="_blank">TortoiseCVS-Download. For an anonymous CVS-checkout, you don´t need a developer-account:

a. Get <a href=""target="_blank">TortoiseCVS, (stable version 0.44 recommendet) as a Executable: Install it on your machine and create a CVS_Sandbox: install also an ssh-ftp-client, eg. from <a href=""target="_blank">Ftp-Client. See the <a href=""target="_blank">Tutorial for the PN-module-checkout :

b. create a folder for your checkout and right-click on it. In the content menu choose CVS - Checkout and provide the following information:

- Module

Protocol - Internet (secure shell)

Server -

Repository Directory - /home/cvsroot

User name - anonymous

Module - postnuke_official

- Revision

Get tag/branch: - PostNuke_71

c. when checking out a dos-box will open. type 'anonymous' as password. (if checking out as registered dev you need to provide your username/password combination)

Note. I strongly recommend to use the stable VERSION .044 to checkout from With the newer version Tortoise .054 several troubles can occur, depending on your Win-environment.

2. checkout with anonymous-access to CVS via command-line:

The PostNuke tree is in the directory postnuke_official. To do a checkout of the complete code (main branch) use:

# export CVS_RSH=ssh


To check out the .7 maintenance branch use

cvs -d co -r PostNuke_71 postnuke_official

please provide:

user: anonymous

pass: anonymous

-> this means:

cvs -d co -d PN_7_Series

-r PostNuke_71 postnuke_official

and for current .8 CVS.

export CVS_RSH=ssh

cvs co -P postnuke_all

the password is anonymous

3. WinCVS-Access: with <a href=""target="_blank">winCVS:

get <a href=""target="_blank">winCVS for your windows or mac-machine:

in addition you need a <a href=""target="_blank">ssh-client and the <a href=""target="_blank">python V. 2.2xx-version.

The next step is to set up the WinCVS Admin->Preferences settings:

The Wincvs Admin->Preferences settings are:

authentication: ssh

path: /home/cvsroot

host address:

username: anonymous

Select "Show CVS console (open TTY)"

See also the <a href=""target="_blank">WinCvs -- Daily Use Guide and the quickreference on <a href=""target="_blank"> For questions and further informations see the latest informations on <a href=""target="_blank"> In case of any mistakes, please set me straight.

regards martin