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OSCON: Report for San Diego: Inspirational Keynotes

Contributed by on Jul 25, 2002 - 09:59 PM

I've learned from this experience that as a collaborative group we can accomplish monumental things. And through the conference my commitment to the PN community is even stronger.

But one thing two keynotes pointed out yesterday is our freedoms to do this are being gradually taken away. I don't want to get into a philosophical discussion but I do want to point everyone in the direction where you can get information to make up your own minds. After this I encourage you to do something about your convictions. Take action. Step up to the plate.

After I heard Richard Stallman tell his story, a story I was familiar with, it hit home. One man started the movement we are enjoying today. Amazing...

Richard's demeanor was humble and his speech was powerful. He left me with a sense that I could make a difference and he encouraged everyone. His philosophy was to just start, regardless of the obstacles and although it may not happen when you think it should, it will happen.

Those who begin a journey at least are going somewhere. Those who decide to sit back because the road looks rough or the mountain too high... well we all know they'll still be in the same place when we get back from the summit.

So step out, start somewhere, make a difference. Even if the difference is through a donation to a cause supporting our freedoms to write, share, and distribute GNU licensed software.

I'll post another update soon .... :-)

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