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One search routine for all of postnuke

Contributed by on Jul 26, 2002 - 08:53 AM

the add a site to that que should be simple


your name:

your email:

description of site: (this works in conjunction with the spider )

(routine should also serve to add the user to the newsletter (script is ppnewsletter)

also, download the ppnewsletter script of - - -I'm seeing a trend towards opt-out in the world of the net -- so, this needs to be able to force add existing users, then they can opt out- - the opt out tag line should also exist at the bottom of all email messages sent from the ppnews or the mail all users email =-== it should send them to a page that unchecks a field and removes them from the mailings -- but can still be overridden to mail all users...

spider baby spider!!!!

those are my immediate thoughts on search...

search should also be able to be weighted with results - screw this alphabetical stuff... an admin should be able to move it up in the relevancy for political or personal or business reasons...

there should also be an adult filter that pushes them to another part of module -- based off the weblinks module- - this way, an adult content can be maintained, nuke_adult_links and the profanity filter pushes them to a disclaimer page - this is another important module for postnuke future
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