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FoxServ Public 3 Beta 5 & TortoiseCVS 1.0.0: two developertools new released

Contributed by on Jul 27, 2002 - 12:33 AM

1. <a href=""target="_blank"> FoxSERV Public 3 Beta 5, a WAMP (WAMP= Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP) - system is a great open-source developement with many enhancements. See the latest news on the <a href=""target="_blank"> FoxSERV site. Please visit <a href=""target="_blank">Foxserv @ for download.

2. Torsten Martinsen, a developer of the <a href=""target="_blank">TortoiseCVS-Team: "To all of you out there impatiently waiting for the new release - don't hold your breath :-) We will release 1.0.0. week... with "lots of exciting new features": see the <a href=""target="_blank">TCVS-Changelog. Please check back the <a href=""target="_blank">TortoiseCVS-Team: They have an very active developer-team and a mailinglist.

With both mentioned tools, you can check out the latest version of PostNuke at the <a href=""target="_blank">CVS-respository on See here the <a href=""target="_blank">tutorial. By the way: If you need a new free editor, check back <a href=""target="_blank"> for the latest release.