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Town Meeting : Now Opening for contributions!

Contributed by NOTE: If you are par on Jul 30, 2002 - 07:55 AM

Here's how the town meeting is intended to proceeed:

1.- 2 days of people posting *WELL-WRITTEN*, rational, and non-offensive messages, detailing WHATEVER it is they want to contribute, suggest, or bring to attention.

2.- Strict adherence to netiquette rules is required at all times. In other words, no flames, personal attacks, etc.

3.- Use of descriptive subject lines is mandatory. Posts with 'no subject' or subjects like 'ideas' will not be evolved. Any issues, suggestions, ideas, or ramblings are encouraged.

4.- 2 days by staff to grab the essentials, or most popular issues (there is bound to be redundancy), which will THEN be assigned an individual forum each.

5.- Then, for 2 days, PostNuke staff responds. As many staff as want can respond to each forum issue - but only one response per staff member.

6.- After the staff responses, we open the forums for global discussion for 5-7 days. During this time the public can post respoonses to staff responses, and staff can respond.

7.- After all this is said and done, we will make an effort to summarize the various issues, draw conclusions, and evaluate which issues need a future follow-up.


[Messages containing disruptive content about irrelevant issues, like about what forum we use, etc... Will either be deleted, or not promoted] - the focus is The PostNuke community, PostNuke and its future, not minutiae...