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News stories: controlling <br> tags.

Contributed by on Aug 04, 2002 - 12:08 AM

This simple hack to the news stories module will allow stories to be posted as text or HTML. It effectively lets you disable the

tags that add-story adds to news stories.

The zip file can be downloaded from here.


Unzip the archive file, replacing the following files in your PN.72 installation:

- modules/ns-addstory/admin.php

- modules/ns-addstory/addstory_functions.php

- modules/ns-addstory/lang/eng/global.php

With this hack in place you will get extra options in the add/modify-story screens.

Note: this only works with the PN.72 pre-beta release. I hope to have it committed to CVS at some point. If you encounter any problems with this hack, let me know at

I'm looking for feedback on this change and am hoping it can be included in PN.72 series.