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PN Junior Admin Needed

Contributed by on Aug 06, 2002 - 10:02 PM


  • Routine back-ups of all production databases and code.

  • Routine account and Nuke admin duties (authorize content, add categories, etc.).

  • Convert the existing FrontPage-authored content and forms to work in a Linux/PostNuke environment.

  • Assist in implementing new themes and installing/updating modules as needed.

  • Routine content management - add articles, links, etc.


  • Reasonable knowledge of Linux - RedHat preferred. Should know how to work from a login shell and not just from web forms. Does not need to be a veteran Unix weenie ... we already got one ... me. ;-)

  • Good knowledge of PostNuke ... good enough to maintain, update, manage the system. If you know your way around PHP well enough to code through minor bugs in modules that's a plus.

  • Good knowledge of FrontPage. Some of the content is still in FP - especially some mission-critical forms which there wasn't time to convert yet. Candidate MUST be able to take these forms and convert them to Apache/PHP/Perl without guidance - pick a good mailform script, deploy it, convert the forms into standard HTML and/or a PN module.

  • Common sense. This means having the sense to know what's important to get working first, and managing the alloted time in the budget wisely.

  • Engineering smarts. We maintain a test deployment site to try things out on. Candidate must know how to take things to a test site for trial, then migrate the production code to the production environment. Coding discipline will be maintained for both the Nuke code and database mods. A hack-n-slash coder is not what we need.

    If this sounds interesting, please contact

    It doesn't matter where you're located, but this business is on Pacific Time - so if you're on the other side of the world that could be a communication issue.
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