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News v.1: Free Postnuke Hosting

Contributed by on Aug 08, 2002 - 07:14 AM

Upon registration, the postnuke community and a description are archived within a <a href=>directory. <a href=>Phorums are available to discuss postnuke, receive help in configuring one's mobynuke, provide feedback, and request features for future versions of mobynuke.

The standard themes are included, though PostNukeSilver and SeaBreeze work the best at the moment. I'll be adding and modifying more themes and icons over the next couple weeks, before school starts. If anyone wants to help out, that'd rock!

The MobyNuke creation features aren't quite an actual module yet, but it'd be cool to move in that direction. MobyNuke could also become an incubator--for instance someone could start off blogging with mobynuke, and when their community takes off, they could install postnuke on their own servers. I'll have to include a feature which allows users to hit a button and have their data and html exported to a new server. I also look forward to developing better tutorials as questions roll in.

A lot of mobynuke was inspired by the idea of taking postnuke to the layman. English professors, artists, poets, philosophers, and sociologists could create some killer communities with postnuke, leveraging photo galleries, forums, blogs, and news management. On the site somewhere my friend wrote:

"Open source is nothing new. Long before and ever since Homer enriched his audience with the words of the Odyssey, people have been sharing their passions. And we hope that mobynuke allows you to share yours."

Well, my email is <a>, and I'll be grateful for any and all feedback!

I have some academically-oriented friends who run literary/educational websites, and I think that they and their sites' visitors would get a kick out of setting up postnuke communities devoted to the great books and classics. They'll be linking to mobynuke in the next couple weeks, for the fall semester. I'll keep on debugging it and adding features.

Thanks everyone! Postnuke rocks.

Ranger West
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