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Postnuke Theme Contest Sponsoring

Contributed by on Aug 08, 2002 - 11:19 PM stands for easy open source hosting. Our goal is to make hosting for open source applications as easy and cheap as possible.

We started out with PostNuke and low monthly pricing.

When you order your webspace, you may choose from many different modules and hundreds of themes. Of course, you may preview the themes before you select them.

All accounts are activated instantly upon your first payment.

Be assured that you get high quality hosting and professional support from us. is a project from the PostNuke dev Karateka, the folks of Mediatech and some PostNuke module devlopers. Many of you might know me from the irc live support or from my former activities as server admin, support guy and programmer for hostnuke.

The EZOSHosting design was provided by the graphic gurus of Mediatech, who will provide the community with some nice themes in the future - that is, if you like the EZOSHosting theme and leave some comments to motivate the designers. ;)

Mediatech designers will not participate in the contest though. :)

We have mod_rewrite enabled (see also my article on search engine friendly URLs), so that our customers may use mod_rewrite techniques to have nice URLs that GoogleBot et al. may have fun with. will help us to keep playing an active role in PostNuke development , support and theme creation - you will see a few new modules and themes by us over the next few weeks...