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Don't Just Gripe ... Do Something

Contributed by on Aug 12, 2002 - 09:07 PM

QA Testing

No one would argue that extensive prerelease QA testing is extremely desirable. No one likes it when bugs are found in their work. And, no one likes having their site funked up when the bugs occur either. However, until more folks start raising their hands to pull together a QA Team to test beta releases ... this is how the process will have to work. Any volunteers? It is not sexy work ... but it needs to be done.

Impact of Buggy Releases

As Drew Vogel points out, a series of buggy releases could have a negative impact on perception of the overall project. As a community, we need to support the efforts of the devs. This can be lending our skills and talents to core development and prerelease bughunting. We all want a strong product. So, ask someone how you can help.

Volunteerism <> Sitting on your hands and bitching

As a veteran of countless volunteer and non-profit projects, I've seen too many folks who show up at work party to be seen, but spend very little time actually doing work. When it is all said and done, they like to drink the beer and take the credit .. but they do not like actually getting their hands dirty. Worse, they do not hesitate to offer critique and guidance to those folks who are actually sweating and grunting ... because they presumably know what is best for everyone. As a rule, the actual workers ignore these blowhards and press on with the job at hand.

Three ways to say the same thing. Am I making myself clear?

If you want to help ... do not complain after the fact. It is not helpful. Instead, get involved. Give as much time as you can reasonably spare. We should contribute with our hands & mind first ... our mouths last.

To lend your efforts to the project, contact any of the following ...

John Cox (niceguyeddie)

Gregor Rothfuss (Gregor)

Steve MacGregor (Grape)

Curtis Hays (Stratagem)

Drew Vogel (Vogelap)

Doug Daulton (Apakuni)

They can tell you where your needed. Extra hands are always appreciated.


Doug Daulton (Apakuni)