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PostNuke 0.72, Phoenix Release

Contributed by on Aug 14, 2002 - 02:06 PM

Albeit we have done our best to test these files, both in upgrades and straight installations, it is quite possible that there are still some bugs or problems. Please report those to us directly, or in this article's comments, so we can address them.

You can download the files here:

PostNuke 0.72 Phoenix Release

PostNuke+Encompass 0.72 Phoenix Upgrade

First of all, before you do anything, be sure to backup both your site's directory, as well as the mysql database.

To perform an upgrade : there is no need to delete all of your files, just overwrite them with the files from the /html/ directory, and run 'install.php', select 'upgrade' and the script should do the rest.

For a virgin installation : proceed as you normally would with a PostNuke installation, un-archive the files, run the install.php in the /html/ directory, and follow the installation directions.

NOTE: In the case of an Encompass installation, you are required to already have an Encompass installation running and operational - in other words, you can not do an Encompass installation, just an upgrade to an existing installation.

Major kudos and appreciation to the developers that worked hard on the 0.72 release, and that made many of the improvements and bug stomping possible.

Taken from the original release article:

Special Thanks For the following people:

johnny, byron,miko,larsneo,hinrich, and ender for their ceaseless assault on bugs and PostNuke usability.

Here is a list of some of the changes

(to view the rest, checkout the changelog.txt)

ADODB 2.30 - Pablo Roca

Updated German Language files - larsneo & hinrich

chinese(zho) language translations - class_007

configurable compression support- hinrich

xml-rpc fixes - marcel

field length fixes - miko & johnny

and of course many more bugs squashed.