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PostNuke Sites Revamp Coming...

Contributed by on Aug 16, 2002 - 01:32 PM

One of the major points to be brought up at the Town Meeting was both accessibility and organization of information across the PostNuke network of web-sites and sub-sites - so we are planning a major overhaul in bringing all of the various PostNuke resources under one roof, as much as we can (obviously, developer and file hosting resources will still remain with our friends at HostNuke.) This, along with a consistent navigation structure, should greatly enhance your ability to find stuff.

Part of this endeavor will naturally also be a major redesign of the current look, thus theme, of the site. There's a couple of designs we're currently examining -- and therein lies my quandary, right now.

One of the designs we're looking at is based, and uses the Encompass engine to achieve some of its layout and features - and if Encompass (because of the past theme engine wars) were not such a controversial issue, the decision would truly be an easy one. But because Encompass was at one point demonized, and because it's at the core of another fork, there's certainly some controversy associated with such a choice - and I wanted to make sure to share the quandary of my decisionmaking process with you.

The theme is nice, clean and works well to achieve our goals. I certainly would like to give it a try - partially because it looks nice, does what we need, but it would also allow us to test Encompass under heavy load, to see how it stands up.

On the other hand, I want to avoid a potential issue, and thus will not unbexpectedly dump a 'fait accompli' on everyone, without at least hearing some feedback from you.

Hence, let me know what you think! Would it matter to you what theme engine we use on this site? Would you rather we not? Do you want to see what can be achieved, and if/how it can be useful to you? [None of this will affect what will be included in the code releases].

Let me know. I'm looking for your opinions.