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A Firm Stance

Contributed by on Aug 17, 2002 - 05:24 PM

I will be involved in postnuke to any role the current management sees fit to utilize my skills and talents.

I have no official status at this point, I'm just a gung ho developer. I have no authority or power. Just a voice. I am not an admin, I don't have cvs rights... But I for one believe a lot of people are angry and are just trying to let off steam...

It's been a long tough year for postnuke... Between my auto wreck in January (I'm still recovering and limping and hurting), Somora ( was also in an auto wreck in January, Greg Allan was killed in a motorcycle wreck, John deciding he's tired, and now people wanting Harry's blood.

I'm here to develop. I'm here to promote my sites, I'm here to have fun. About these things, I am adamant.

Perhaps Harry aught to grab the bull by the cahones and name the new support staff as there are many openings...

Harry, perhaps you need to get the new core lined up and inform them of the reorg.

A private corporation doesn't let the employees pick the management -- the crown was handed to Harry -- I respect this and have no political beefs with anyone. We're all worker bees -- the ones that are bitching surely won't be given keys to the Porsche if you know what I mean.

I'm here, I support postnuke and am ready to get back to development. I'll take my role seriously and will push for a better product. That's all any of us can do... I don't have time for games, I just want my site to be the best damned site about Memphis. Postnuke has made that possible.. Now I give back to the community again