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Places to Promote your postnuked site

Contributed by Great article, Memph on Aug 17, 2002 - 07:37 PM

If anyone needs special help with building traffic to their site, I am available to help. Webmastering is more than good code. It's pretty graphics, and convincing the rest of the net they want to drop in and visit. If you run a local directory, do flyers. Leave them at the local coffee shops, beauty parlors,etc... Get the business owners aware of you...

Since I add most of my links by hand, I rewrote weblinks to send them an email after submission and acceptance - the email tells them some of the things they can do on the site -- like view the weather, send greeting cards, find anything going on in memphis, etc... this small detail improved my traffic tenfold... also, the business owners then are ware of you as a site...

I also encourage the use of traffic building modules like personals, pn crush, etc...

I am available on a consulting basis for anyone who needs a spike in their traffic (and I'm dirt cheap.) and have a library of scripts to serve most needs.

Also if you need consulting for postnuke with an adult site, I am available on a case by case basis and have specific scripting for this industry segment.

Now go out there and drive traffic!