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Small Toolbox

Contributed by on Aug 20, 2002 - 08:20 PM

Included in this zip file are 8 apps. Amongst them is a very handy little spell checker that integrates into your IE browser, a tool for adding a search engine to your right click menu,a quick and easy pagedefrag tool for Windows2000, Spider, there's even a little something in here for opening a URL someone posted, if the link is not "hot" called "open selected URL" by highlighting and right click,

(this one is very handy) and a few more.

All of these are of course copyrighted by their owners where stated, and most all have a link to a website where they came from, in the help files or read-me of each.

A few of these, if you've never heard of, or tried? Your going to wonder what you ever did without them.

(4.20MB zip file)

<a href=""target="blank">Small Toolbox

What's this have to do with Postnuke? Well nothing really, but some of these like the spell checker, and the open selected URL tool, come in very helpful here at this site some times. :)
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