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Some things I would like to say !

Contributed by Great points! on Aug 22, 2002 - 10:38 AM

I am kind of sad how many users reacted negatively upon the new design, because postnuke is still a free GPL project and Harry and many others are spending their free time on designing and organizing the whole community. I think some people interpret the vision and goals and just complain because things are just not as they thought they should be.

Those who know the perfect plan to get the wishes of over 10.000 postnuke users under the same hat, should let the dev team know.

The site isnt perfect yet, but please keep in mind that we pulled the whole site together from in just 5 days.

Please respect that and rest assured that things will be changing and improving as we move along.

Some issues that came up :

- Navigation issues are worked on and will be improved as we see it necessary.

- There will be a global help system or help page available to help navigate and understand the changes made.

- For those complaining about modules used that won't be part of the release, I have to say the old site used third party modules as well, those were just not used for the site navigation.

I can tell you that the navigation module and the bookmark modules will be available to the community. Concerning the phpBB 2.0 Module, it's not the forum of choice concerning a postnuke release, its the choice for the new support forum. PostNuke wont be bundling any new modules in the

core release.

So how should a newbie know what potential PostNuke has, if the main site is not showcasing some third party modules. Ok, lets tell newbies to surf the net to find out what PostNuke can really do. Mmm, not so right for me, but I am happy with what ever the community decides ;)

- The beta site doesn't use encompass and it runs using the standard PostNuke Theme System.

- About PostNuke being a real cms: Users complain about postnuke reverting to a blog and leaving the

cms route, interresting :) PostNuke can either center on the user and the community wishes, or start working on a corporate solution, but has to listen to themselves. So why the confusion lately about postnuke becoming an app system ? (Self-explanatory !)

I know that most of you are confused about all the current changes and the leaving of many core dev team members. PostNuke is reorganizing and will continue to follow the roadmap and visions that it was build on. Harry will be outlining that soon, but that needs time.

Again thanks for all the help and ideas. And please stop flaming and shouting over things again and

again. PostNuke wont flourish and live on, if we dont work together and respect the work that others do.

The PostNuke community is like a big family for me, which includes quarrels among those belonging to it, but there should always be space to get things cleared and worked out again.

Thanks and power to the community.

Alexander Graef aka MagicX