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Re-visioning PostNuke: Ideas for Change

Contributed by on Aug 24, 2002 - 11:05 PM

From my perspective, it may be that people have been locked on too tightly to the initial PostNuke vision. That vision was a great general outline, but remember that it was created by a just a few with specific goals for PostNuke. Now, PostNuke has grown to hundreds of developers, each working on their own particular part of the pie, and thousands of users, each with different daily experiences in using the system.

It's rightly so, as the players change, that the project should consider some new directions, look for new input, and invite new major participants. That does not mean that both the past contributions of core developers who have left are not appreciated, and that the future contributions will not be missed; rather, PostNuke is growing in new and exciting ways, re-visioning itself from the experiences and input of all who have come to join PostNuke.

With that in mind, I would like to suggest that those who have been throwing out ideas for revising PostNuke on the different listservs, the PostNuke beta forum, and throughout the various comment boards on, take a moment to post those ideas here and let's all take some time to think about what possibilities for PostNuke might have been missed as Harry works on organizing his development and management team. As most of us can imagine, with the number of people who have left, he needs some time to get things situated. So, in the interest of making this transition time productive by floating new ideas, I'll begin.

All of the focus on Block Layout, Smarty, and Encompass is aimed at a better delivery system for PostNuke content. But the problem that I see is that PostNuke needs a revision of the way that content is entered, stored, and made use within the site. I'd like to begin a discussion for such a change by suggesting that PostNuke needs an XML (or similar) based content publishing engine which most of the modules can use. Instead of having each module has its own input functions, I can image it's a bear to create consistency in user input interfaces.

Now, I'm not a developer, and I know that this idea has problems, but I hope that this suggestion will catch someone else's eye and this suggestion will be the piece that helps to finish the puzzle. And that maybe others of you will post more ideas here so that the community can create the best PostNuke it possibly can. Granted, not all ideas can be accepted and implemented, but by throwing them out there we may help to give someone a new idea that will help to better the project.

And let's avoid the flaming, trolling, revengeful comments about Harry, etc. They've already been scattered across the community a plenty (I've read TONS of them in the last few days). It's time to be productive and show a little patience.