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Comprehensive List of Recent Language Packs

Contributed by on Aug 24, 2002 - 11:06 PM

Why compile such a list?

Currently, some language files may be found via

a) notices on's language area, b) the results

of a "language" search on that site c) the PN site on

sourceforge 3) searching the PN download page and 4) searches on the Internet.

I think there should be one comprehensive collection,

so that people don't have to go through the searching

above (unless they really, really want to).

* As there are quite a few packages out there

please send the following information so that

we may properly make them available centrally.

I'd like to make this list as COMPREHENSIVE,

PRECISE, and USEFUL as possible. I appreciate your cooperation and input, in advance.

* I also know that some of the packages that have been released have ...issues. This is an excellent opportunity

to re-release a package that you have already released, perhaps based on your post-release fixes? My humble suggestion.

1) URL(s) where the package may be downloaded.

2) precise name of package file(s) - please note

all file names such as .zip and tgz versions, etc.

3) pn version for which the packs are intended

(please use precise version numbers such as 714,

etc., and avoid pn71x, etc. When the package can

be used by more than one pn version, please indicate

precisely which versions they would be, e.g., "both 713

and 714," etc.

4) Date of release.

5) Person(s) making the release.

6) Contact info.

7) Any special characteristics (additional translation of some add-on modules are included, some portion of pn

is not translated, etc.)

* If the case where some of the above information is

noted at the download site or within the package, etc., please copy/paste that information and include in your

response to this call for contributions. This will help to

make the compilation trouble-free and precise.

* Please send your contributions for the list to:

*** ***

The deadline for contributions is September 1.

Please DO NOT send questions asking about the

language packages' availability. When it is ready,

the data will be provided in the appropriate location.

Thank you.

Tony Laszlo, Tokyo