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The Road Map

Contributed by on Aug 28, 2002 - 06:05 AM

At least that is what I got out of the many comments that have been contributed recently : What the majority of you want are: STABILITY, LEAN CORE, MODULAR DESIGN, A THEME SYSTEM, COMPATIBILITY, EASE OF USE.

With that in mind, while far from being hewn in stone, here's how I see the road that leads us there, and how the various aspects of PostNuke will be affected.

0.721-Phoenix : the recent bug-fix release will also include several enhancements (like new block control using standard pnThemes), as well as provide upwards compatibility for Encompass/Envolution installations (to allow those users to upgrade seamlessly to 0.721-Phoenix.) A changes list will be posted with the release.

0.725-Phoenix : to include the new Phoenix Theme Engine, based on FastTemplates, more bug fixes, more minor improvements to modules, new themes to show off new capabilities. Documentation for new features will accompany release.

0.726-Phoenix : Will include short URLs backported from 0.8, improved AddStory, comments and news system (which needs an overhaul), admin redesign, more user interface improvements throughout the system. Documentation for new features will accompany release

0.727-Phoenix : Permissions UI and functionality overhaul (looking for suggestions and ideas); Download module overhaul, start of the installation overhaul. Documentation for new features will accompany release

0.728 - 0.799 : further finetunings, improvements to the core, improvements and better integration of several modules, improvements to the installation and upgrade system, some kind of WYSIWYG editor solution.

0.8xx - 0.899 : Further Core and module separation, PN modules will be tested and converted to full pnAPI compatibility, XMLRPC in a big way, as well as client apps that allow control, third-party module devs will be assisted with conversions if needed, installation that allows customized installations, Feature requests will be integrated further. Documentation will be tackled in a big way to provide a comprehensive compendium of all information that a user and admin might need. Essential information will be bundled.

0.9xx-0.999 : BETA phase - this is when we can take what we have created up to that point and REALLY throw the book at it, and meticulously iron out any problems and bugs that might still be in there - this is the period that we tie up the loose ends, as well as ALL reported bugs. The goal is a clean, fast running, bug free application for the 1.0 release. Documentation must be in final format, with any last details amended and fixed.

1.00 - Tranquility Release : Pretty much the goal for this is to announce it, sit back, and go on a vacation - of course, that won't happen, as we expect some additional last minute tweaks to probably take us through a handful of additional maintenance releases. Still, with 1.0 I'm hoping that PostNuke will be in a state where a solid core can be configured to 'become anything', based on modules, themes and configurations. This should be the final release, or it can be taken beyond by ether new leadership, or, what the heck, we may discover something new to do with it.

Now, what needs to be understood, coding and writing docs is but a part of what it takes to make the PostNuke effort a success - marketing and promoting PostNuke is an initiative that I consider to be essential to the success of this project. After all, what good is the best project, if no one knows about it.

Marketing Initiative

To that effect, throughout all phases of this roadmap, I will supervise aggressive marketing approach to make sure that PostNuke is well-known, to assure us from getting the prerequiste coverage, and to make sure that we grow our user base by creating more awareness of the project. Some of this will be achieved via technological alliances, some of it via ancilliary services, some of it via aggressive promotion, and some of it via means we haven't even thought of yet. I have some pretty good ideas how to go about doing that, but that's for another article. Consider this a call for volunteers.

Developer Rewards

In addition, since any good project is based on the fruits of equally good developers, I strongly believe that there ought to be ways and means to compensate those hard-working souls for their effort - it is therefore a priority to me, to create an environment and an atmosphere that provides appropriate means for the userbase to show their appreciation of both he project, or the individual developer. I have a system all worked out to achieve that, but, again, that's for another article.

Community Focus

Lastly, the community focus of this project will always be at the forefront, so expect full communication, op-ed pieces, town meetings, and more details about 'PostNuke events & news', not just from me, but others on the development team.

Oh, you ask "Who the heck is on the dev team???"

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