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The PostNuke Core Development Team (part I)

Contributed by on Aug 28, 2002 - 07:36 AM

As I stated in the earlier vision statement, one of the things that I considered necessary was to trim down, and reduce the previously bloated development team to a more manageable size. Necessary - because a smaller, more flexible team is far more capable to respond to changes, and far faster and more flexible to implement minor or even drastic enhancements. Historically, this has been demonstrated in PostNuke whereas many of the drastic architecture changes were able to be implemented quickly by individuals.

Fortunately, due to recent events, we are now left with a group of very talented and dedicated individuals, who have significantly contributed to PostNuke, who have given 200% of their time, effort, and themselves to PostNuke during the past few weeks, and whose efforts are reflected in many of the changes to come in the next few weeks.

I plan on setting up separate 'bio' pages for all developers and contributors to the project, but until that module is finished, we have:

Neo / Sam : Sam hails to us from Mexico City, Mexico, where he resides with his lovely wife and son - both of which he loves dearly. I've known Sam for a while, in fact, our friendship extends to long before PostNuke - through his site he has contributed his innovation to the tmda configuration tool, qadmin-tmda, among many other cool things. Being the PHP guru that he is, he has contributed some really cool new technologies to PostNuke, including flexible block positioning under standard themes, and his embedding technology that is currently showcased at the Town hall meeting and with the phpBB integration. He has many other tricks up his sleeve, and I harbor a theory that he doesn't need any sleep. I'm excited to have him aboard.

MagicX / Alex : Having joined us from beautiful Germany, I didn't know him until I was introduced to him via Sam. He is responsible for the site, as well as he has been instrumental in the overhaul of the new PostNuke site's look and navigation aids. As some pointed out, we now have a definite 'MagicX feel' to the site, but hey, that's called 'style', and Alex certainly has his own.

VWorld / Vanessa : Living in San Diego, CA Vanessa certainly gets the bonus of a great climate, which undoubtedly contributes to the sense of style that she brings to her graphic and site design. Vanessa runs and operates a LOT of different sites (I met her via a Big Brother site she operated), and also runs, a site dealing in educational concepts.

There are more, but instead of posting partial information, I would rather just wait to get more bio information and follow-up with a second article for the remaining team members, folks like Stratagem, who decided to stick with PostNuke, and who's invaluable to keep the site and related services running smoothly - and who I wouldn't do justice with just ashort sentence.

Thus this is