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PostNuke 0.721/Phoenix -- Make it Your Choice!

Contributed by on Aug 28, 2002 - 06:20 PM

Neo has worked with his usual fervor and tenacity to bring you a great release - here's what's been changed / fixed:

1.- NS-AddStory (case issues on templates)

2.- NS-Referers (bug in older 0.72 code - pre-phoenix)

3.- Themes (0.72 themes with lower case, they have

now been all fixed)

4.- Quotes (Had pre-phoenix bugs all fixed)

5.- NS-Settings (overlooked, gzip compression and other

fixes, now updated)

6.- NS-Comments (updated)

7.- Members_List ( fixed an odd bug there )

8.- Xmlrpc (upgraded)

9.- All new 0.72 pre-phoenix fixes, cvs dates and user

commit names are fixed and up to date.

10.- Multiple session fixes.

11.- Multisite fixes many.

12.- Added compression option in settings

13.- Stats langiage definitions in english bug fixed,

14.- Download module fixed

15.- Comments module removed

(now only NS-Comments is needed)

16.- NS-Quotes removed (Quotes is the active one)

17.- Enhanced index.php and header.php for

Encompass compatibility fixes many bugs, provides

flawless compatibility with existing PN installations

that have encompass in use.

18.- All permissions of all files and directories where

corrected for the tgz version.

19.- Installer script and upgrade routines updated to

reflect all db changes and needed modifications.

20.- Al pnTheme() calls where deprecated.

21.- Hundreds of small code fixes where applied and all

latest cvs commit information were restored to all files.