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Announcing pnDevelopers v 1.0

Contributed by Great work, Neo! I t on Sep 24, 2002 - 07:15 PM

<font size="3" color="#990000">pnDev Site Features</font>

This site is built around Postnuke and provides automatic logins and benefits from amazing packages like phpCollab, phpBugtracker, phpBB2, viewCVS, cvsnotices, and the Embedded PN and data bridge which makes it possible to share user data, permissions and many other functions.

We hope you like it and will become a part of it!

All this integrations and client applications are built around the Embedded PN v 0.2 technology, which allows us to share data and security among applications flawlessly under PN.

<font size="3" color="#990000"> How does it work?</font>

Well we have used a unified login system for all applications, this means you log in once and you automatically are granted access to all available user resources. So all you need to do is register and you will be able to use most services *as is*. It's just that simple one registration enables all services for you.

Later on you can request to be added to the developers group, while doing so you can also request CVS write access to the repository, these permissions are granted on a case by case basis, since they show a great degree of commitment and require you to take responsibility.

<img src= border=0 align=left> This assumes previous knowledge and experience with using CVS with write permission, with coding for Postnuke, and to follow coding guidelines and standards.

If you wish to become a part of the developers group, we would appreciate a brief summary of your knowledge and experience with PHP, mySQL, CVS and Postnuke of course.

A brief description of your goals and areas of participation in the core development, which appeal to you and why? This doens't have to be anything elaborate, just a basic outline of your skill sets. Having this information will help us set up your account with a smaller task force team.

Postnuke development is to branch into smaller task force teams, each being responsible for a a smaller part of the core, like a module, blocks, API, database abstractions layer etc.

Each team will then set goals and time lines, while maintaining close communication with other relevant task force teams in order to coordinate efforts and dependencies with one another.

The bugtracker is to serve as a way to debug, clean and correct code, and serve as the knowledge base, as it grows, to help new members find answers to common questions.

pnCollab, will allow management of each task force team and monitor its progress over time. As well as provide a good way to review the whole, but each smaller project will have unique members that will be in full command of their part of the project.

The forums have been greatly enhanced to include advanced tools that further promote collaboration and sharing (like file attachments, automatic thumbnail generation, calendar for events, mail subscription to any or all forums and more). Here is the place for debates, brainstorming and the second part of the knowledge and project log system.

The view CVS (concurrent versioning system) tool allows one to browse and interact with the repository in a flexible and useful way, annotations and all CVS operations are constantly being logged into mySQL, as well as automatically mailing it to the CVS-notices mailing list to which you can subscribe or peruse by using the CVS notices area.

There are of course a number of other useful tools like the forums/portal bookmarks which allows you to select content randomly and group it for later use, there are many easy ways to get updated information for your site too, the portal has enhanced backend RSS news feeds as well as the forums and the CVS portion of the site.

So you can see we have a lot of tools here and we are still working on enhancing the users details area to include pertinent details regarding each developer. And of course any additional tools or ideas will be implemented as we move forward, strong>this site is intended as a strong foundation / framework from which to build into the future.

Finally, we are also integrating new admin tools in order to streamline CVS access privileges to the repository. So in general this is the global overview of this site and its intended goals and methods.

The site can be found here

We encourage any interested parties to register and send a private message to either MagicX, or Neo in order to sort out additional details. Also the forums need new categories that will host the different ongoing debates for the project and from there, we will define the projects development goals in the short, medium and long range.

Additionally the smaller task force teams will be created from all those who volunteer and new coordinators created for each that will in turn collaborate with their counterparts in order to keep things moving at a nice pace, in a concerted effort.

The summaries of all progress will be made public periodically so the community as a whole can be aware of what is going on at all times in a transparent and open fashion. This in the purest spirit of Open Source projects.

This is the dawn of a new era of unprecedented collaboration and progress, this is the time we all have been waiting for, we ask all of you interested to step in, and become a part of this project we all love so much, and help it grow and become what it deserves, and was always intended to be, no more, disputes, no more gossip, no politics, lets just work, let our actions speak louder, and make this the best CMS out there.

I once saw a movie that had as the main character the great actor "Kevin Costner", I believe in it he constantly heard a voice, that told him "Build it and they will come...." well its built come on in ;)



The Postnuke Development Team