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Open Source Projects

Contributed by Good points strat... on Sep 26, 2002 - 09:23 AM

It's difficult to maintain control of an Open Source Project without ostracizing different groups of people. You invariably find each project needs documentation, coding, support systems, marketing, webmasters, etc. all of which are difficult to control.

Control he says. Who needs control? Well, every project needs control of some sort and to varying degrees. Like the need to control access to source code to those who know the process for changes.

Processes are a large contributing factor for most Open Source Project fiasco’s. Without pre-defined processes in place to handle code updates, releases, etc. you have a project that has no pre-determined direction, regardless of the vision or roadmap.

A lot can be said for Open Sources' place in the world. Hopefully I will get to that in a future article. Until then keep thinking about ways that Open Source can benefit from pre-defined processes.

--- stratagem