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Contributed by on Oct 03, 2002 - 11:59 AM

SEPTEMBER 29 : 2002
Posted by: on Monday, September 30, 2002 - 01:23 AM EST

then i realized what had been told to me before all of this happend.. before the journal came to be... before i dedicated myself to this work.. but only recently has the message become clear.. and it is so papostours.. and i've never even used that word in my writing before.. it is so large.. that it can contain an entire movie.. well it came through a dream to me.. but in sync with the joe satriani new strange beautiful music cd... i tell you there words embedded in those songs... something very odd is going on... well so then as it was quite like a mission impossible senerio.. but undisclosed till now the full context of the notion... but what when we fast... why is this guy going so intirely mad... like noah building the ark... what work is he doing.. taking strange drugs and reporting back his results.. but then control on the fringe.. when i did not have any idea who i was working for.. but that it had something to do with the security of our collective human family.. i've top clerance.. only i'm a chatter box.. i'm a spin artist.. well everything that needs to say.. i say the best way forward.. on every variable of communication i've hit.. even those embarassing things to say.. still the duty to bring them out of the nonverbal unspoken.. proving mature composure in taboo contextual settings.. like not commenting or laughing when someone farts... that was my idea.. just treat it like a natural fuction that it is.. and respect the smell.. go on with the moment like it really wasn't to big of deal... if know one is around waif.. the culturally comfirmed in proper behavior by adam corrolla.. who surely broadens the horizon of politically correct in his own terms.. specifically though i was told directly by central intelligence by media spy wave broadcast that this work needed to be done.. that certain biochemicals had been released into the public domain... that every possible solution was being sought to overcome and survive this attack... that ever dietary tactic that i could foster toward strenghtening the immune system of our species was absolutly nesseccary... what happens when one fast is in pharmonic fequency tonation.. that has a direct effect on every organism on the entire planet... patterning deep at the atomic level.. the immune system of the planet... faced with every weakness culturally and socially presented... opening up to the healing potential of the body is an act of self defense... at the end of this dream... really needed contact... i could find nobody anyplace who was in a position to accomidate me... i was in a fast food resturant... this girl sitting behind me so beautiful in her smile as i asked her if she would give me a kiss and all my obsessive need and hunger for love vanished as i looked into her smiling face... she responded with a very inceptious smooch.. a huge man athletically built with big rings sat down at the table next to her and handed over her food... i was intimidated and said... looking to him in the eyes... o' i'm really meaning no offense... no harm.. i so much needed comfort... he smiled.. and said.. you don't want to get queer about it do you? .... and playfully in a sarcastic way punching me lightly on the arm.... laughed.. slightly backed away in my seat as i was in a booth turned towards there backs leaning over.. then he introduced me... this is my sister.. do you like her? i said she is very lovely... you should get to know her... he said biting into his food... i noticed her pure beauty even more so and as i looked at her became aware a sacrade anceint people.. presence was a blessing... my body began to shake... i looked back over to the man who was her brother.... looking into the gold on fingers that were not there but in my mind... suddenly i felt this was all orchestrated by god.. my attention was becoming cerebral as i thought about this woman who was nothing but love.. the voice in my head reminding me.. a view of all histiory swept my vision... i felt her hand was more than in mine.. i heard a man speaking in a very plain monotone way.. serious like a scientist but a millitary fact based briefing type..... a biological weapon has been released into the human stream... its purpouse is to destroy us... if we do not change in responce.. in a time spoken to the millionth of a second i was told... the moment it would be to late... the thing is i don't know when i was told only now understanding congnitively.... but that when i woke up near tears.. that the last song you saved my life on this cd had ended.. the voice faded through the last note... it felt good... really good to feel that in some way my life could has such purpose

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