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Future technology ETA and deliveries explained....

Contributed by on Oct 04, 2002 - 04:26 PM

Which is essentially the whole concept behind open source development timetables and schdules. We don't have 'deadlines' or 'schedules' to meet, except those we set ourselves, and those aren't hewn in stone.

As it stands, I'm fully aware that there are cool techs, like Neo's bridging/embedded technology which is coveted by many because of the incredible flexibility it brings to integrate php-apps into PN. While it is running on the sites, it is

far from user-friendly, or up to the level of admin quality we want from it. Lastly, it's not technically 'pn-technology' part of the 'core' or even a 'module', so classifying it isn't easy right now.

Nevertheless, we are aware that site admins want this kind of functionality, and we will bring it to you in due time in a format that should make operation and installation the proverbial 'snap'.