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Multi-Site HELP! $25 Reward

Contributed by on Oct 12, 2002 - 05:47 AM

Scenario: My main Site is at: <fake of course>

1) I want to have a 4 site multisite setup that will share users, and MeG only. Each site otherwise is seperate.

2) I create 3 subdomains,,

3) My host server creates 3 folders in the root of labeled site1, site2, site3 4) when I ftp into the site I see that -=>Public_HTML/index.php

5) the subdomains are at Public_HTML/site1/ (site2, site3)

6) you enter URL you go to Public_HTML/site1/index.htm etc...

Ok..that;s how a subdomain at the Host Server is created.

I uploaded PN721 to /public_HTML/

I will pay anyone who can tell me exactly how to set up this multisite $25.00 (can't afford more) through PayPal.

I want to reach the base PN site at

I want to reach etc

Each site will have a different theme, but will share User Database, PHPBB, and MeG.

Do I redirect the subdomains? to where? HELP!!

Is someone up to the task?? for questions/specifics please email me at

Also...I saved phpinfo.php into the root to check HTTP_Name etc... IT shows

I redirected a subdomain to and the phpinfo still showed NOT the subdomain. If I leave the subdomain at default, it directs to the subdomain folder.

Now what?? I can only access PN and none of the subdomain.

Am I making sense here?

Or am I thoroughly confused now?