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Update: What's Been Going on at PN

Contributed by on Oct 15, 2002 - 08:41 PM

The best indicator of popularity other than the user base growing is the number of downloads. To date from the latest release we have completed 10,000 registered downloads in only 18 days. This gives us another impressive average of 555 downloads per day and taking this data as a base line, extrapolating it for 58 or so days we get a total average of 32,222 total downloads in almost 2 months. The main sites also have an average use per hour of 248 concurrent users amounting to 357,120 hits a day or 10,713,600 hits per month.

Finally, since the launch of the developers site, 264 members have joined the site and we have 13 new active core developers.

So as you can see we are moving forward and we'd like to invite everyone to get involved. Whether you are a user, developer, writer, designer, or tester we can use you on our team. There are several ways for you to get involved and the first is through the new pnDevelopers site where you can all collaborate, integrate and participate, in the design and progress of Postnuke. So if you're a coder go to or contact neo AT postnuke DOT com.

If you are not into coding and would like to contribute your skills to the project in other ways then please check out the pnCorps. And if you'd like to volunteer here's the info you'll need to get started, first email Infopro at infopro AT postnuke DOT com with the answers to the following questions:

  1. What are you interested in helping with?
  2. What is your experience with Postnuke? (How long? How many sites? How much code? Anything unique?)
  3. What is your technical ability?
  4. Can you throw up a test site without much hassle?
  5. How much time do you have available per week? (BTW, be honest and conservative. There are things that can be done for just 1 hour/week.)

Last but not least I'd also like to introduce you to the core devs working on PN. A big PN welcome goes out to the new devs afalout, baohx, bharvey42, class007, elgranazul, lcabrera, larsneo, magicx, neo, nunizgb, skooter, tanis, and Valerio!

And another big welcome goes out to the current members of the pnCorps, Alan Arthur (nick AlanA), Bryan Brannigan, Frans Kuipers (nick Dunhill)m byzantine (nick Cena Mayo), Peter (nick RavenklaW), Gary (nick zacsmith), Achim Rosenhagen, Jeff (nick webmaster), Chris Bradford (nick csb), Steven Draper (nick GC web), Gordon Forsythe, Dorothy Thompson (nick Raleigh), Chris Carter (nick brainstorm), Carl (nick Carl), Chuck (nick Infopro), Valerio Santinelli (nick tanis), andreas krapohl (nick larsneo), F. Sam Castillo (nick Neo)

Again, welcome and thanks! One final note, I'm working on getting a page together with the current team member profiles. (Hint, hint, so send them my way OK (mailme: vanessa AT ithinkmedia DOT com) and if you have a picture of yourself please send it too) :-)

We'd also like to point you to some of our significant accomplishments over the past couple of months and thank everyone who was involved in making it happen.

1. New Postnuke vision and roadmap announced.

2. A new core development team and key managers are currently organizing.

3. is re-designed and rolled out, with constant updates and upgrades as the need arises.

4. Release 0.721 is released with a lot of effort.

5. and merged and are currently going through revisions/updates to reflect the new changes.

6. Bug Tracker is added to main Postnuke site.

7. A volunteer corps is established and being organized.

8. A new developers site is launched under the domain providing a suite of tools to organize and support the coding processes. If you're interested in learning more or joining the team go to

9. Developers are working, CVS is working and there is a renewed sense of teamwork in the development team. Neo has put together a "sweet" package of tools for the project to organize around and move as quickly as possible to support the development process.

Please note the above list was taken from a post made by Skooter several weeks ago on the pn-dev list. (Thanks Skooter) :-)

And to everyone out there who would like to get involved we look forward to welcoming you to the team... :-) hope to see you around soon....take care Vanessa (aka vWorld)

pnDevs Contact: Neo (neo AT postnuke DOT com)

pnCorps Contact: Infopro (infopro AT postnuke DOT com)