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Postnuke Goes to PHPCon

Contributed by Also wanted to let e on Oct 17, 2002 - 07:55 PM

Vanessa, Harry and my self will be flying over there for this event.

In PHPCon we will introduce the current state of Postnuke, its future, and multiple applications, the Phoenix rendering engine and the Embedded PN technologies which will be part of the release. Or released along with it.

If any of you reside near by and would like to drop by and say "Hi", it would be cool to see you there ;)

We intend to get not only the trip logged and also gather pictures and audio from all the marvelous people that will be there like, Rasums (creator of php among many others).

So I will double as a postnuke new reporter ;)

And we will share the results and experiences with the community as soon as possible.

The presentation material we are currently working on, will be also made available to all, in the hope this can serve as the bases to get a tour of Postnuke in a technical level while still interesting to the normal users in mind.




Brief Overview

PHPCon 2002 offers attendees a comprehensive, practical technical program featuring:

-  Keynote by Rasmus Lerdorf, Inventor of PHP

-  Three Technical tracks including Enterprise PHP, Applications Development, and XML/CMS.

-  Best Practices from gurus and greats such as Dirk Elmendorf of Rackspace, Introduction to SOAP for PHP with Shane Caraveo, ActiveState, Reading the PHP Source with Zak Greant, MySQL Community Advocate, and High

Performance PHP: Profiling and Benchmarking Techniques with George Schlossnagle, OmniTI

-  Opportunities to meet and mingle with peers, gurus, and greats in a relaxed, congenial setting.