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Thanks Postnuke !!!

Contributed by on Oct 25, 2002 - 11:24 PM

Why you ask ?

Why did we make this choice ?

We feel that based on the previous arguments inside the postnuke community, the apparent lack or support or listening to the Postnuke support sites within the leadership and the direction the current postnuke project is going that we can not to continue to support the project as we should. The leadership of Postnuke has not worked with its support sites and seems unable to communicate with us on major changes that affect us all. Postnuke has been an international community and we feel that we have spent too much time developing, supporting, creating setups for our users only to have our opinions ignored or not consulted at all.
The staff can not continue in this manner and has thus decided to part ways with the current postnuke leadership.
We have tried to make Postnuke speak as many languages as possible but it seems people don't care about allt he hard work our staff, and our contributors have done.

Incredible but true, they don't take care of all our experience but they want only to show arranging facade, also a little international, but only a facade, why to give support is much laborious one and demands many energies, hours of job, passion, persons that work to us and is not given to from one translation and enough. why it is just from the fact that will make in house its translation (based on ours) that the first suspicions are been born. Suspicions then confirmed from the decision to centralize all the situated ones of support, download, etc, to impose one graphical common and in exchange for to deign to us of a link to until we behave ourselves well..... They are throwing to the wind and they have not considered the resources of the Italian support, the many large to the world, throw to the wind cvs, handbook, documentation, translations, translated, modified modules, adapts to the Italian system, operating module wiki all that happen ?..... for one myopia we think about the Postnuke leadership and because we think they wants to concentrate all in site, and in bottom to perhaps carry Gloria to 4 specific persons. The idea is to little leave to practically only the support with forum...... a for all which we instead have offered to all the Italian community up to now.

And so TiMax, perhaps one of the last old guard members of Postnuke is leaving the project. The leadership does not understand that to localize a support site does not just mean translations, but having a full site that contributes to the project. How can our Italian speaking members user the English site to find news, downloads, and information in the forums. A support site needs to offer all these things, answer its own questions, and any custom needs its community needs. A support site needs to be in a position to truly contribute to modifying the project as its local community
members suggest ideas.

For me and the staff here, it does not go well that we are dictated to and have laws affecting our site enacted other than by our own needs. We will not be told how to support our members, how we should look, what we should say and the such. We have our own needs.

Too many times in the past we have been left of bug fixes, modification requests and communications with the core developers that has effected our support for our Italian member community. No more.

In future versions of PostNuke they will rewriting or at least doing major changes to correct blocks, modules, topics in order to adapt things and we have been left out. We have said them, ENOUGH!!

For this reason we will support Postnuke until version 0,714, and beginning from today all the resources, the support, the staff will come move to you on Envolution.

Why Envolution?

With Envolution we feel we will have the following advantages over the current situation at Postnuke:

It is an Italian project, that it truly wants to speak Italian, that listens to its Italian support site (and other languages)
The Italian staff is supplied with its own branch of separated development, with cvs independent, but we can still work in harmony with the main development.
It is a plan that also only having 2 months of life is much stable one, where it has been worked in order to clean up the code of PostNuke maintaining what there was of bond.
Envolution has several functional enhancements over Postnuke in our opinion.
Envolution has incorporated a graphical template engine like Encompass, in order to manage better layouts and separate content from code.
In Envolution, we are already using the 4th release version the template graphical engine so it is stable.
There is already work on a two phase advancement and the implementation of the XML, while in Postnuke they are just beginning work on a template engine and other features (implement qualche.cosa in the next version)
Through the NoMoreBlocks module, which was developed by the Italian development staff, it is possible to arrange the blocks for each modules and have different setups.
With the next few versions that are in development it will be possible to manage also themes and templates.
Envolution has a International support and is constantly increase its development
In Envolution constantly they land new developers and designers. Recently Pyksel has decided to join to the development of Envolution.
Envolution is perhaps the first CMS planned to have elections in order to decide who will direct the several sections.
Envolution is in a position to supporting nearly the totality of the modules, blocks, topics and addons for Postnuke.
A true dedication is being made to unsure constant, stable development for users and developers of its modules, blocks. Every effort is being made to ensure compatibility between versions and not having drastic code changes without not at least deprecating code first.
They have already in two months created a documentation manual of 200 pages covering nearly the entire project.
The guide will be translated in Italian, and a guide in flash for the use in Italian is already in the works

And which are the disadvantages?

Envolution is not as readily know as Postnuke is and thus some 3rd party module developers may not support them. As the project grows, and because postnuke .714 modules work with the current Envolution release, we feel more developers will be coming on board very soon.

For all these reasons all the staff of will dedicate resources, time, development and support to Envolution.

Perhaps you are asking what to make of all this?

Obviously our staff wants to help you move to Envolution. We will continue to support the needs of our community and nothing will change for that. We will continue to offer news, support, downloads, docs in Italian and the personalized
development that you have come to expect over the past few years. We appreciate all the hard work everyone has done
If you continue to follow us we will help to easy transfer your site from Postnuke to Envolution. Since Envolution
supports nearly all modules, topics, blocks from Postnuke .714 this should be an easy migration
All the staff will be at our disposition if you ever meet with any problems we are here to help. We will also be working to port existing modules and blocks to take full advantage of some of the features of Envoltion.

With much sorrow we must leave postnuke, but with much enthusiasm we invite to you to join us with our new adventure with Envolution:

The rest are relative