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RedHat and Debian shipping Postnuke-Phoenix

Contributed by on Nov 08, 2002 - 01:42 PM

This is the description found on the RPM package on RedHat 8.0:


PostNuke is an open source, open development content management system (CMS). PostNuke started as a fork from PHPNuke and provides many enhancements and improvementsover the PHP-Nuke system.

PostNuke is still undergoing development but a large number of core functions are now stabilizing and a complete API for third-party developers is now in place.

If you would like to help develop this software, please visit the

homepage at (Link:

The PostNuke Developement Team is quite grateful to RedHat and Debian for taking this project into account and making the effort to package it an make it available to the users of those Linux distributions.

In order to further help this and ease installations on this platforms from now on we will release packages of PostNuke in the following formats.

  • *.TGZ

  • *.ZIP

  • *.RPM

  • *.DEB


The PostNuke Development Team