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New Italian Localization of PN 0.721

Contributed by Thanks for your hard on Dec 01, 2002 - 08:24 PM

You can try it in action and download it from the "download section" at: <a href= target=_blank> And we have created a forum for users to communicate bugs and errors.

Just a note, this translation is a complete and deep revision of the previous work done by guys. For this reason you'll still find PN.IT credits in the head of code.

In the future we've decided we will try and release new upgrades of the localization for every important (note: "important" is different from "all") new release of PN.

And that's all, folks!


<flame off, I swear!> I totally disagree the decision of to not support other releases of PN than 0.714. I think the current Postnuke team has done a beautiful work and Postnuke is one of the best scripts on the net.

Like everything in the life of everyone you can have bad moments and good ones, but (IMHO) this tree is still one of the best in the forest. And I am (and a lot of Italian authors are) proud to have the occasion to do something for this community. Sorry for bad english... don't worry: my Italian is much better!