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Postnuke 0.722 Phoenix is available PART I

Contributed by A more detailed arti on Dec 02, 2002 - 05:50 PM

Some features:

1.- New free banner positioning + a new banner sideblock

2.- Many fixes to pnHTML

3.- All modules and core are secured against cross site scripting and other attacks

4.- Phase I of core modules updates to pnAPI compliance is complete

5.- New visual editor with upload capabilities enabled

6.- New members list

7.- Hundreds of bug fixes

8.- New Adodb 2.50 database abstraction layer

9.- Support for register_globals = off (full compatibility with php 4.2x and above)

10.- Support for Apache 2.0.x

11.- Enhanced pnIntrusion detection system

12.- Admin settings for censor, pnAnticracker and article display

12. New credits module added (Credits & License Information)

13. new admin icons

14. New Censors Module (Configure Censorship Options)

15. Fixed xmlrpc , works with wbloggar now

more can be found on the changelog file of the current release.