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National B2B Centre highlights PN!

Contributed by on Dec 31, 2002 - 03:33 AM

The NB2BC recently launched its project, focusing on helping small to medium enterprises (SMEs) get involved with B2B technologies. As the Technologist helping them out, I decided to use PostNuke to help the team create their site.

More importantly, at the launch, we created a spiffy web service call from a PocketPC system, across Tomcat and JBoss on a Sun LX-50 over to a SuSE system hosting the NB2BC web site. The SOAP call started a server to add a story launching the site. As the guy who came up with the scheme, I was a bit nervous, although we had tested it out 20 times before. One click, and presto, there it was! Web services meet PostNuke!

I can also tell you that our first project at the NB2BC has been to seed PostNuke as a platform with the IT vendors in the Birmingham/Coventry area. In just two months, we had over 6 new customers come forward, loving the features that PostNuke offered. The IT vendors loved it too, as they could focus on value add, not on hacking every page.

All in all, a good showing for Postnuke. Now, on to eCommerce with PN...