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GPL, Copyright, and who owns what?

Contributed by As always, GPL inter on Jan 14, 2003 - 12:49 AM

Yes! You must keep the copyright & link on the theme, unless you purchase the is the theme still free? YES! Just keep the link on there. Until I see the US Government go to "links" as the standardized currency it is 100% free. We also highly encourage people to keep the link, as this helps advertise our business. This in turn allows us to make enough money to be able to still contribute free themes and modules to the Postnuke community.

Ok on to the GPL....There is no violation of the GPL in this release, period. The link & copyright is not for the code, I didn’t code Postnuke or AutoTheme and would never claim to. You are free to do anything and everything with the code. Print it out; use it to make a paper airplane air force. Anything your heart desires. But, the design/layout/graphics are the reason to the copyright. I own every single right to the graphics and that’s why the link/copyright is required. Now here are some points to think about:

1. With AutoTheme the program is designed to abstract programming from design. So if the design is separate from the programming, wouldn’t that allow you to have intellectual ownership over the design. I use PHP (or I bug Karateka until he writes it for me), does that mean anything I create that uses PHP is bound to there terms?

2. I can create theme.html totally by myself…. Meaning AutoTheme is not involved in this process. You only use html comments to insert Postnuke/A.T data. So couldn’t I even say that the layout “html” and graphics are under my rights?

Now as you can tell I am in no way an expert in copyrights, but I do believe my point is valid. I would really like to hear some input from both the creators of AutoTheme and Harry Zink ( The Nukenator ). I in no way want to violate any sort of legal agreement I am bound to when using both Postnuke and AutoTheme. Also anyone else that has any sort of legal background please comment. I would still really like to release this theme  // Plasma Beta


**please excuse my excessive use of bad grammar and poor spelling. I’m only a designer, gemme a break…geeeesh. What did you think my programmer is available to spell check and correct my English? Well he’s German and spells better than I do but that’s not the point (I couldn’t get him to do it, ok…busted).