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Two New Postnuke Websites

Contributed by on Jan 16, 2003 - 05:34 AM

I ported the Submit_News and Topics modules into a helpdesk ticket system for Yofitech by simply changing the tags in the language files and using the topics module as an accounts module.

Instead of stories by topic, I have helpdesk tickets by account number. Here is how it works. Each time we add a new client they get a topic (account) assigned to them and they would publish their tickets (news) under their topic (account). This provides a great way to keep track of and document problems and resolutions both for the client and us. The system sends an email when a new ticket (story) is received notifying us that there is work to be done. The user/client can view their last ten ticket (story) submissions on their personal page which could be used as a personal knowledge base.

I created two seperate categories, Helpdesk and News, to differentiate between helpdesk tickets and news items. This allows me to post news on the site that is readable to the public and yet keep the helpdesk tickets private.

I created a topic (account) for Yofitech news.

I configured the permission system to block all stories by topics (accounts) and stories by categories as the default setting. This way everything is denied, which is a good place to start.

Then I added two new permissions, one for the News category and another for the Yofitech news topic (account), which allows everyone to read our news items.

Thank you Postnuke for making it so easy!!!

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