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What is Unique About PostNuke?

Contributed by on Jan 31, 2003 - 01:47 AM

What makes PN unique?

PN is unique because it not only provides you with a wonderful set of tools, but it provides you with a community of users. PN is a community that responds to you when you need help or information. </font>

Why is PN popular?

Because it is easy to understand/use, easy to install, easy to administer, and it is secure, and stable. Anyone from the novice to the expert finds PN easy to use and install. If you can transfer files to your hosting account then you can install PN. And above all these things, PN provides you with anytime, anywhere site administration through any Internet connected web browser.

Also, many of you may have found that PN doesn't fit into the traditional definitions of a content management system. For example, PN is much more than a "blog" although it can be a blog. PN is more than a "content management system" although it does manage content. So as you can see, PN can do all these things and much more...PN can also provide you with a site to build a community. A community that interacts with the content they can call their own. Again this is why we've called it a C3MS, community, content, and collaborative management system.</font>

So in the end what is PostNuke?

PN is many things to many people; it's a chameleon of sorts, taking on the demands of what you want to accomplish as a webmaster, publisher, or community developer, with ease. So it is a system of tools to extend your business, your hobbies, and your life online.

The community is ever growing and as we move forward into the next year things will only get better, people are talking, developers are stabilizing, the community is pitching in, and PN's rough edges are being smoothed out.

Someone, somewhere around the globe, is just waking up, pouring himself or herself a cup of coffee, before sitting down in front of their computer, thinking what needs to be done today. Asking, how can I make my life easier and in the process help make PostNuke better. The pnCommunity is what makes PostNuke stand out in a crowd. Community is why we all stay!

Yes, there are similar packages like this available, there are other choices you can make... but where else do you get all the drama, where else do you get such a passionate community of people, so willing to work together to achieve goals and make things happen? The pnCommunity is second to none; the PostNuke software stands above the rest because of this community effort.

Welcome to PostNuke!

Welcome to the "pnCommunity"! The years ahead promise to have many new things in store. We hope you join us in this new adventure and help us build the 3rd generation PN.

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Need info about how to get involved? Email me, Vanessa (vanessa at postnuke . com) (aka vworld) or InfoPro (infopro at postnuke . com) (aka Chuck) and we'll make sure you are pointed in the right direction. Again, everyone is welcome in the pnCommunity, even if you are not a programmer! :-) Everyone plays an important role in the community.